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Natural filtration at home using a centuries old technique to bring fresh, clean water to your family.

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Chemical Removal



Removes up to 96.6% of lead in water



Removes up to 98.5% of chlorine in water



Removes up to 99.8% of bacteria in water



Removes up to 94.5% of aluminium in water



Removes up to 99.8% of amoeba in water



Removes up to 99.7% of copper in water

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Are You Drinking DEAD WATER ?

Drinking dead water can have a negative impact on your daily lifestyle. Learn how a Stefani filter can re-energise and bring life back to your drinking water.

Our Company is Based on Tradition
Using centuries old technology, a Stefani water filter Remains true to the basic principles of natural Water filtration.
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Healthy Composition
6 Filtration Stages
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How Stefani Water Filters Work

Water Filter Technology

We have worked in the water filtration industry over the past 70 years, researching the latest technology and purification processes. After all these years we only recommend products which have been tried and tested, and have experienced excellent results with.

Water Filter Testimonials

What our happy customers say about Stefani

Ahmed Jameel

Clay has been in our tradition for the longest time but we never knew the importance of it till we read your article. We tried the two products the Jug and the classic filter. excellent  product and there is noway we will go back to plastic.

Steven Rashford

My family loved the alkaline water filter, I did not try it till last week I drank the water that was filtered and stored in a the clay pot and I really felt refreshed all through the day. 

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