Habitah Fresh Vittro Water Filter – 10 Liters


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Habitah Fresh Vittro is a special limited edition ceramic and glass, handcrafted. Utilizing the best filtration technology, it turns ordinary water into the ideal water for your health. Raising pH and reducing ORP (Potential Oxidation Reduction) make Habitah Fresh Vittro a unique product in the treatment of water with numerous health benefits. It provides a water with pH above 8, enriched with magnesium, considered the “mineral of life” and with high hydration power.

If our body consists of 60% to 70% water, we can conclude that the quality of the water we consume has a direct impact on our health and longevity. With this in mind, Habitah has developed an innovative water purification system that produces water with the cellular memory of the primordial water, the water in the hexagonal state, only found in rare places on our planet. By becoming aware of the importance of consuming quality water, we can change our health and our lives.

Habitah’s Fresh Vittro is a limited series of the best known water treatment suite. It is a play forever, to enjoy and to collect.



3 Fresh Nanno filter elements

3 buoys for Refill

1 faucet

1 handmade clay base

1 unique glass container handmade in the blow

1 glass lid made by hand

1 Instruction manual



– Height: 75 cm (mounted)

– Diameter: 30 cm

– Weight: 15 kg (empty)

– Capacity: 10 L


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