When Is It Time To Replace Your Water Filters At Home?

Luckily, once your entire home water filter is set up, there’ll be minimal upkeep required over the duration of its life. The principal maintenance condition is substituting the filters in a number of your entire home water filter parts. Let us take a peek at how frequently you want to alter those filters.

Replace home water filters

Why Switching Filters is Vital

Certain whole home water filter parts contain filters which have to be replaced to be able to keep on working properly. These filters are trapping sediments and debris so that they might become obstructed with these chemicals after weeks of usage. Should they become too clogged, then it will become hard for water to pass through.


Sediment Pre-Filter Replacement

This element is the very first step in the whole house filtration system also protects removing sediment particles until water moves through the remaining portion of the filtration unit. Because this is the primary element that water moves through, it ends up getting a great deal of debris and dirt trapped in its filter.

Sediment filter

We recommend replacing the Sediment Pre-Filter each 3 to 6 weeks. It’s possible to replace this filter earlier if you become aware of the water movement is slowing down, or the water colour gets darker.

Sub-Micron Post-Filter Replacement

It eliminates microscopic particles the other water filter parts might not filter out, such as harmful protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia. This element is optional because the danger of getting these particles on your water fluctuates based on water resource. Homeowners who desired additional reassurance that their water is free of contaminants might opt to incorporate this optional add-on irrespective of their water quality.

How Frequently to Change Your Water Filters

We recommend replacing the Sub-Micron Post-Filter each 9 to 12 weeks.

How Do I Know When  To Replace My Water Filters?

In Case You Have trouble remembering to purchase new filters or alter them try the following hints:


  1. For internet calendars, such as Google Calendar, placing a recurring event on your calendar is a fantastic way to keep reminding yourself.


  1. Purchase multiple filter replacements at the same time. By buying your filter refills in bulk, you may always have one available for fast replacement.


  1. Coordinate with additional maintenance around your property. Pairing several tasks collectively can make it simpler to recall. By way of instance, if you’re already in the practice of changing your ac filter every month or two, begin altering your Sediment Pre-Filter in precisely the exact same moment.


Whole house water filters are low-maintenance workhorses; however, they do need some upkeep. By following these easy filter replacement recommendations, your entire home water filter will help keep your water safe and clean for many decades.



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