Clay water pots and ceramic water filters

Using Clay Water Pots And Ceramic Water Filters is a Better & Healthier Alternative to Drinking Bottled Water


Did you know that water from a clay water pots tastes better than the best-bottled water that promises the drinker the taste of mineral water from a spring that lies deep within a mountain?

The soil used to create clay water pots is alkaline in nature. The alkaline clay interacts with the acidity of water and provides the proper pH-balanced water that is quite tasty and healthy to drink. This water can help curb acidity and in turn, provides relief from gastronomic pains.

Moringa clay water filter

For generations, earthen pots have been used by many cultures and civilizations to store water and keep it cool.  When water is poured into the pot, a small part of it exits through these pores and evaporates from the surface of the pot, thus making the pot cooler than before.

Water stored in an earthen pot is gentle on the throat. It is an ideal drink for people suffering from cough or cold. More importantly, the earthen pot transfers the coolness to the water according to the climatic conditions; which is the special quality of earthen pot that no other container can replicate.

How does it work?

Water is placed in the top container, shaped like an inverted bell, which houses the ceramic filter which has a nozzle protruding through a small hole into the main body of the purifier. On the other side, filtered pure water seeps out. The key to the filters is how they’re made: the clay is mixed with organic matter which burns off in the kiln when the pot is fired, making it water-permeable.

The outer micro-porous ceramic wall screens the water down to one micron to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria and suspended solids. The tiny pores of the ceramic make it extremely efficient at removing particulate matter and fine sediment.

Clay and ceramic are porous materials that allow water to drain through, but they trap bacteria, protozoa, and sediment. Because they trap contaminants, the ceramic is also an exceedingly effective barrier to bacterial pathogens such as E Coli and other water-borne cysts. In fact, many NGO’s around the world use clay pots to purify contaminated water available in nature. This makes them the perfect water filter system to have at home.

The water then passes through the inner core of activated charcoal which removes chlorine, ammonia, fluoride, and bad tastes and odors. Activated carbon works by attracting and holding certain chemicals as water passes through it; it is a highly porous material with an extremely high surface area for heavy molecule adsorption. (Adsorption is the phenomenon whereby molecules adhere to a surface with which they come in contact with).

Activated carbon filter

Also incorporated into the system is a high-performance activated carbon core inside the ceramic filter cartridge that reduces organic and metallic contaminants. The active carbon absorbs compounds such as chlorine, fluorine to remove the chemical taste of water. Though filters with active carbon need to be replaced periodically because the carbon becomes clogged with foreign material.

A  ceramic filter will help to ensure your drinking water is virtually free of unpleasant tastes and funky odors for the entire lifespan of the filter!

The filters are also a very cost-effective alternative to bottled water, but also simple and easy to use, and can provide enough clean water for a family of five every day. The filters require little maintenance, provides cool refreshing tasty water and the process of filtration requires electricity. Because the pots essentially come from soil, they very readily decompose right back into it when you dispose of them, thus are completely bio-degradable and do not harm the environment or hurt marine life.

To summarise, the benefits of ceramic filtration are:

  •         Proven reduction of bacteria and protozoa in water
  •         The simplicity of use and acceptability
  •         Proven reduction of diarrheal disease incidence for users
  •         Long life if the filter remains unbroken
  •         A low one-time cost
  •         Naturally Cool and Purified Mineralised Water
  •         Organic, Green and Energy Efficient

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