The Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water from a Clay Water Jug


Pottery is one of mankind’s oldest handicraft which started way back in prehistoric times. Our ancestors carried water from the river using baskets lined with river clay which they dried in the sun in the shape of the basket. In about 400 BC, earthenware was starting to be produced on a mass scale in many parts of the world for cooking as well as storing water. Drinking water from a clay water jug has been a part of every race’s history, culture, and tradition.

Have you ever had a Clay water jug at home?  

It is believed that earth or clay is rich and loaded with various nutrients and minerals and clay water jugs have the same properties the earth consists of. With the passing of time, the tradition of using clay water jugs for drinking water was forgotten and drinking water became synonymous to plastic bottled water, mostly due to convenience.

Clay water jug

However, the practice of storing drinking water in a clay water jug was not started by our ancestors for no good reason. According to Ayurveda, consuming water from a clay pot offers many therapeutic benefits and drinking water from the fridge or plastic water bottle, we may be missing out on the natural goodness and other health benefits of water from a clay jug.


How can drinking water from a clay water jug be so beneficial to our health, you ask? Here’s how:


1. Porous in Nature – Cooling Water Naturally

Storing drinking water in a clay jug is the most natural way of cooling it due to the porous nature of the clay. When you store water in a clay jug, water particles gain energy, change to gas, and then mix with air. This process is called evaporation.  Clay pots have small holes visible only to the microscopic eye and water seeps out through these holes, gains energy to become gas, and then evaporates.

This process is what causes the cooling effect on the water, but in natural way. Unlike metal, enamel lined, or plastic water containers that we use today, heat and moisture circulate throughout the clay jug. The ability of clay water jugs to transfer the chill to the water based on the climate is what gives it is unique quality.

2. Alkaline in Nature – Aides Digestion and Metabolism

As mentioned above, clay is rich with natural nutrients and minerals. One great benefit of a clay water jug is the alkaline nature of its material. The alkaline in clay interacts with the water’s acidity providing a proper pH balance to the body.

Drinking water from a clay water jug

Drinking water from clay water jug helps restrain acidity, relieves gastronomic pains, and improves digestion. Even with cooking, using earthen pots to cook acidic foods like meat or milk helps to neutralize the overly acidic nature of foods. This phenomenon is one of the well-documented benefits of drinking water from a clay water jug.

3. BPA Free – Improves Metabolism and Virility

Generally, we should all be drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep our body hydrated. Ideally, we should be drinking not only the right amount of water, but also the right kind of water. Or should I say water from the right container? Drinking the right amount of water everyday helps boost our body’s metabolism.

However, more often than not, we store or drink water from plastic containers, which unknowingly, expose us to health hazards. Plastic bottles contains dangerous chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A) that cling onto the water molecules. This chemical is very harmful and poses a great danger to our health.

On the other hand, consumption of water stored in a clay water jug helps maintain balanced testosterone levels, which again, the chemicals found in plastic brings down. On top of that, clay water tastes natural and pleasantly chilled.

4. Soothing and Gentle On the Throat

Especially in this region, exposing yourself to the heat of the sun can leave you not only with burned skin, but also a parched throat. Oftentimes, the first thing you’d do when you get home is drink water from the fridge or water dispenser, the colder the better, to quench your thirst.

Your thirst may be alleviated by a glass of very cold water, but sudden temperature change in our body is not healthy either. If you’ve ever had a clay water jug in your home, you’ll understand why we say water from a clay jug is gentle on the throat. Water from a clay jug is refreshingly cool that it soothes your parched throat gently.

As such, it makes an ideal drink especially for children and the elderly who are prone to suffer from coughs and colds. It is also perfect for gym goers as the water is chilled just right, so it will not lower your body temperature drastically after a workout.

5. Helps Prevent Sun Stroke

Here in the UAE, where temperature can get unbearably high at times, residents are prone to sun stroke.  Needless to say, staying hydrated is of utmost importance especially during the summer season.

The general rule of the thumb to curb this easily is to consume enough water daily. However, you can maximize the benefit of drinking water by enhancing the quality of water you’re drinking. Ensure the water you drink contains the necessary minerals and nutrients to maintain balance in the body to help prevent the onset of heat stroke.


Again, have you used a clay water jug for your drinking water at home? If not, then it’s about time you own one because you are missing out on a myriad of health benefits from the water you drink.

Drinking water from a clay water jug isn’t just a thing of the past nor a part of our culture. Clearly, there are health reasons why our ancestors started the practice. Today, a clay water jug is not only a traditional alternative to the steel, glass and plastic containers, but a healthy alternative as well. Isn’t it amazing how a simple clay jug can make a lot of difference in keeping your body healthy?  



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